Consumers, of course, love it, but many sellers complain that Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is obsessed with client satisfaction. That’s because this e-commerce store allows buyers to return anything for any reason. No questions are asked. Small sellers on the store complain that they cannot afford to give clients so much flexibility. Incidentally, most sellers on Amazon are small to mid-sized businesses.

Many of them have even complained that Amazon’s policy is in stark contrast to the way the business treats its sellers.

However, this is a key policy of the store, one that makes them stand out from the competition, and so they have no plans of changing it.

Amazon Rolls Out New Policy, Sellers On Edge

It just got worse for the sellers, as Amazon has disclosed that they are going to expand their returns policy. Till now, businesses that used to ship from their own locations, and not the fulfillment centers of Amazon were outside the automatic returns policy of the e-commerce store. They could actually review the return requests individually, and apply their own policies, such as refusing a return if the item was used by the buyer. They could also impose restocking fees.

However, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) feels that they are losing control with the holiday season about to start. So they have sent an email, which says, “Dear seller, starting on November 1, 2016, US seller fulfilled returns that are within Amazon’s returns policy will be automatically authorized, and Amazon will provide customers with prepaid return labels on your behalf”.

Sellers Are Objecting To This New Policy

Amazon even says that this should help the sellers as they can now bring down “the time you dedicate to processing returns”. But many sellers are worried that increasing returns are going to hurt their businesses negatively.

Some of them have raised a valid question – What if a product is already damaged?

They have taken to online forums and social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Reddit, and Facebook to express their opinions and anguish. Apparently, the official support team of Amazon is unable to satisfy them with the answers.

One seller said, “Automated returns are really going to send shockwaves. People are suddenly going to get thousands of returns after Christmas”. A seller of rugs, he says that buyers often return them with nails and cat hair. He can only donate them to charity after cleaning because these rugs cannot be sold again.