Artificial intelligence or AI was a gift when it first arrived. It was supposed to help humans do difficult jobs, carry out complicated tasks easily and safely, replace humans in risky assignments, and generally works like an assistant, helping us and improving our lives. But soon enough, concerns began to be raised.

Many experts have pointed out that there is a real chance that AI and robotics can take away 80 percent of the present jobs, leaving people unemployed. More seriously, with the rise of machine intelligence, we humans may even become redundant.

Hawking, Musk, and Others Issue Warning

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, two of the brightest minds, have once against issued a warning about the rise of artificial intelligence, adding that this is inevitable. The two have joined many other experts and researchers in signing an open letter, which asks for developing machines only in a way that will benefit humanity.

They are saying we are presently at a very critical stage of AI development. AI and robotics have improved vastly over the last decade. We are just a few years away from developing machines with consciousness. The signatories are saying, once that happens, the machines may evolve quickly to end up becoming vastly superior to humans, and that can be a huge threat to our existence.

The open letter signed by many experts and researchers lists 23 guidelines that must be followed to make sure that AI doesn’t gall into the wrong hands, harming our agenda. They have broken down the list into three categories – ethics and values, longer-term issues, and research issues.

Artificial Intelligence May Cause an Arms Race

According to the findings of the Global Risks report, which was placed at Davos recently during the World Economic Forum meeting, there is a real possibility that robotics and AI is already causing an arms race. The report says, “A new arms race is developing in weaponized robotics”. It further says, the risk is going to increase in unforeseeable ways as AI becomes more common. It might soon get out of the control of humans.

The report mentions autonomous weapons systems where a lot of investments have been made in recent times.

Stefano Ermon from Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science, who signed this open letter along with the Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Musk and Stephen Hawking says, “I’m not a fan of wars, and I think it could be extremely dangerous”.