Pollution is fast becoming a very serious issue in Thailand, particularly the capital city of Bangkok, which has already been included in the list of the world’s worst polluting 100 cities. Bangkok’s pollution is mostly from traffic that can choke up the city roads for hours though the mass-transit systems run efficiently here.

Thai’s living in the city and people everywhere in the world had a reason to rejoice as Google Maps recently turned the Thai capital into a gigantic park. Unfortunately, however, this wasn’t because of some smart mass-urban renovation initiative by the city authorities, though that is long overdue. It was the result of a huge goof up by Google Maps. Bangkok remains what it was.

The entire city, and also areas around the capital were covered in a huge green, much like what happens when you see a huge park. Those searching for the Thai capital on Google Maps were taken by surprise and began to report the issue.

What Really Happened

What happened was that Google by mistake, redrew the borders of the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in the country’s borders with Myanmar, and they forgot to close the border properly. As a result, Bangkok and the surrounding areas were turned into what would be the biggest park in the world. It was very difficult for people to locate the landmarks of Bangkok or the genuine parks in the city, as everything got blended into the green.

The incident happened on January 26. The error has since then been fixed.

Home in Texas Demolished Wrongly Following Google Maps Error

Of course, this is not the first time Google Maps has made an error. In fact, some of their errors have been quite embarrassing and turned serious as well.

For instance, last March, the home of a woman was wrongly destroyed by the demolition crew in Texas, following an error by Google Maps, which provided wrong directions. The crew ended up selecting the wrong home to be destroyed. Google acknowledged the error and issued an apology, saying they are investigating how the mistake happened.

In November 2010, troops of the Nicaraguan army entered Costa Rica, removed the country’s flag, and planted their own flag in its place, all because, the Nicaraguan commander saw in Google Maps that the territory belonged to their country. It became such a serious issue that the U.N. Security Council and the Organization of American States had to step in to settle the border dispute.