There is a bizarre new camera problem with the new Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Pixel smartphone. Yes, the 12.3MP cameras in these models can take beautiful videos and pictures. The company has been receiving positive reviews. However, of late, many users are reporting that the cameras are freezing and displaying purple and pink lines.

Mysterious Purple and Pink Lines

Many of the users have posted their complaints on Google’s forum page already. The first reports of these flaws began to be posted in October. It has been a constant flow since then. Some users have even reported the problem to the company via email.

One user commented that the camera app would suddenly freeze, followed by mysterious purple and pink lines across the screen. In many cases, users are unable to take videos as well.

Mike Fox was the first person who reported the issue. Google Support recommended that Fox clear the cache and data from his phone, and reinstall the camera app. That did not work, and eventually, Google issues a replacement phone. But unfortunately, that phone too had the same problem.

The Google Pixel smartphones were launched in October. However, since then, a number of problems have been reported. In October, some users had reported halo-like lens flares when they were taking pictures. Back then, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) had promised a software update to solve the flare issue.

The freezing, purple and pink lines, seems to be the latest problem with these phones.

Google has not commented publicly yet on the matter. However, it is likely that the company is already carrying out an internal investigation, as they are certainly aware of the issue. Google’s advanced hardware team is probably looking into the issue.

Possible Causes of the Problem

It is also not clear what might be causing the problem. A number of possibilities, though, have been raised. Experts are however saying that it could be because of hardware failure. Others are pointing out that the camera module might not be properly connected. This can also happen if a user drops his phone.

Unlike last time, a software update might not work now, if the problem is caused by an issue with the hardware, some experts are pointing out.

Smartphone makers have been facing problems in recent times. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones were exploding, and the company recently had to stop its production, causing financial and PR losses for the business.