Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), which acquired DeepMind, the British artificial intelligence business a couple of years back, has disclosed significant improvements in machine learning. DeepMind AI is now able to teach itself, based on information that has been fed to it. No other human interference is required.

Google’s hybrid system, which is known as DNC or Differential Neural Computer, uses existing data storage capacities of conventional computers, and pairs it with a neural network and smart AI. The network uses interconnected nodes for stimulating specific centers to complete a task efficiently and quickly. It works much like the human brain. DeepMind AI is optimizing these nodes for delivering the quickest solution.

Improving Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Mountain View, California-based tech firm has promised that over time the system will become more efficient.

There could be plenty of practical applications of this technology. Computers, for instance, could become faster. Robots of the future could think themselves and take the right decisions with human inputs. There could be applications in medical science, space research and exploration, and industries where it’s too risky for humans to work.

DeepMind will be able to find an answer from prior experiences, by accessing its internal memory. It doesn’t have to learn new things every time.

A Significant Step Forward

This could prove to be an important step forward for AI. In time, it could prove to a real breakthrough. A blog post on DeepMind says that the system can now store complex data, and also learn from examples in the neural networks.

Greg Wayne and Alexander Graves, both researchers at DeepMind, says, “These models can learn from examples like neural networks, but they can also store complex data like computers”.

Tests Reveal Amazing Results

To showcase its abilities, DNC or the Differential Neural Computer was told the relationships in a family. The system then optimized its memory to find information quickly and was able to accurately tell the additional connections on its own.

So it can be said that thanks to Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) DeepMind AI, artificial intelligence can now understand human family relationships. That’s a huge step forward. In time, it will surely get smarter.

In a second test, DNC was told the basics of the underground transport system of London. It started working immediately to find additional routes and was able to tell the complicated relationships between different routes accurately.