Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) parent Alphabet has decided to trim their drone project Wing, thus bringing their discussions with Starbucks to an end. The two businesses were in talks earlier on the possibility of making Starbucks deliveries with drones. That would have been unique if it happened.

The decision to quit the drone projects follows Google’s initiative to tighten budget across the board. The fact that the project leader, Dave Vos, left the company definitely also played a role. Vos hasn’t been replaced since then. There have been others too who are reportedly asking for a change of department, mindful of Google’s change in priorities. The business has also decided to freeze hiring.

Google Still Believes In Drone Project, Wing

Google, though, still believes that the technology will work. A statement was issued, which said, “Project Wing has the potential to remove a big chunk of the friction in how physical things are moved around in the world”.

The California-based business says they are presently building the technology’s next phase, and considering all the potential uses it can be put into. Google says it will be worth it to come out with technologies that will make good transportation through the skies faster and more efficient.

Alphabet too, earlier, had an agreement of delivering food with a drone with Chipotle Mexican Grill. But that’s not all. Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) have already said that in the future, they want to deliver healthcare using their drones, which includes defibrillators and medication. But the business scrapped these plans as well.

Government of the United States, under president Obama, has backed developing unmanned aerial delivery systems. The Federal Aviation Administration, though, has not yet approved deliveries with drones outside their test zones.

Many Businesses Are Developing Drones for Deliveries

Alphabet’s decision is surprising, as many other businesses are going the opposite way. They are ramping up their drone programs. Jeff, Bezos, the chief of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) have said that their drones can fly at 50 miles in an hour and they are able to land and navigate by themselves. These drones have a 20-mile range. Amazon is presently testing and improving them further.

Bezos feels that e-commerce will improve with drones delivering products. Initially, it might be occasional. But this practice is sure to pick up with time. Amazon is naturally interested in this because it is one of the largest e-commerce stores.