Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has complained that most of their products currently on sale at the Amazon we store are actually fakes. The company did not make any of them. However, the web store is still selling them as ‘genuine’ Apple products.

Apple has also claimed that these fakes could even be life-threatening. The products under the spotlight are sold under the Amazon “fulfillment” plan, where third parties can list their items on the website, store inventories in their warehouses, and rely on Amazon for its delivery networks.

90 Percent of Apple Chargers on Amazon Are Fakes

The tech firm says they have been tracking Apple products on the web store that are marked genuine for a while now, and have found that almost 90 percent of them are actually counterfeit. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has already been notified about this. The provider has been identified as Mobile Star LLC of New York. An Apple spokesman said, “Mobile Star has been deceiving Apple customers and putting their safety at risk by selling counterfeit power adapters”.

Apple Files a Lawsuit

The firm has even filed a federal lawsuit against Mobile Star for selling counterfeit cables and chargers that were marked as genuine Apple products. The lawsuit says that Mobile Star has imprinted the logo of Apple on these products.

They pose a significant risk of electrical shock, fire and overheating because these are poorly constructed products with missing or inferior components. Electrical insulation is inadequate, and sometimes the design is flawed as well. Unlike the real Apple products, they were not thoroughly tested before release.

Recently, the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and washing machines of Samsung have been exploding. Airline companies have banned the phone on-board already. Samsung has stopped manufacturing the phone as well. The Korean manufacturer has also opened booths at airports so that travelers can exchange their Note 7s.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) says that they have tried to contact Mobile Star several times, asking them to stop selling these products, but they are yet to take any action. So we have no other option but to file a lawsuit, the statement read. Mobile Star LLC has not filed their legal papers yet and has not commented on the issue.

Amazon, though, has not been named in this lawsuit. They agree it’s a serious matter that must stop. A spokeswoman told reporters, “Amazon has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site”.