World War II is back, at least on Google search. According to Google Trends, which is used to find out the popularity of search terms, shows a dramatic spike in searches for topics related to the World War II, such as Pearl Harbor, Reichstag fire, Nazi Germany, fascism, and Kristallnacht. This has most people stumped, as they are grappling for an answer on why this sudden interest.

Huge Interest in Many World War II Search Terms Suddenly

For instance, strangely, there was a huge spike in the search for “Reichstag fire” just after the Brexit vote, and once again before the United States election. The numbers kept going up and reached a five-year peak in the first week of February 2017. Reichstag fire lead to Adolf Hitler’s declaration of martial law in 1933 and is seen as an important event which eventually caused the war.

The same thing happened with the search for “Kristallnacht”, where thousands of Jews in Germany were sent to the death camps. The popularity of this term always goes up just before the anniversary on November 9 and 10. But last November, people in the US were searching for Kristallnacht five times more. It jumped from the 25-30 range to 100.

Similarly, there was a huge jump in the search for “Nazi Germany” from the typical 25-50 to 100 last November, just before the United States elections. Global searches for “fascism” went up from 10 to 55, once again before the election, but in the first week of February, it went up even higher, to a level never seen before. The search for “Pearl Harbor” too spiked from 70 to reach 100.

World War II Terms Have Become Very Popular Worldwide

Interestingly, these spikes happened just before elections – whether it was the Brexit or the US elections, and with all the World War II terms, the peak happened in early February. Even more strangely, the spike in popularity for these terms is not just from the US and the UK, but from around the world, though there has been no major revelation or disclosure recently on the war.

The sudden spike of World War II search terms doesn’t, of course, mean that the popularity of terms related to Lady Gaga or the Superbowl has gone down. These terms remain way more popular than the World War II terms. What Google Trends tell us are peaks of interest that are much higher than the typical search amount.