Piaggio & C. SpA (BIT:PIA), which is based out of the Italian city of Pontedera in Tuscany, is about to release their first electric vehicle soon. However, while most other auto makers are coming out with their electric sedans and hatchbacks, the one Piaggio is making is an electric scooter. That is not surprising because their product Vespa is already the world’s most recognized scooter brand.

The new electric scooter has been named Vespa Elettrica.

Piaggio designs, engineers, makes and distributes two-wheeled vehicles under several brands. As of 2015, the business had revenue of 1,295 million Euros and a profit of 11.9 million Euros. Piaggio currently employs about 7500 workers. Founded in 1884, their products are sold around the world.

When Will the Vespa Elettrica Be Released?

The company disclosed that Vespa Elettrica, their first electric scooter will be released by the end of 2017. Actual production will start a few months before that. Piaggio came out with the news a couple of days before the Milan Motorcycle Show.

Currently, Piaggio is busy developing the electric motor for this two-wheeler. So it is presently in concept stage. It will have a traditional Vespa design, so the business is not moving away from that. No other details, such as its likely price or range have been disclosed at this time. Piaggio says that more details will be released later.

Vespa Elettrica Will Be a True Vespa

They issued a statement which said, “The Vespa Elettrica will, first and foremost, be a true Vespa, bringing the very latest in electric technology to a vehicle that will retain all the features that have been vital to its success”.

A photo of the electrified two-wheeler’s concept version was also released. The scooter has a stark metal body with electric blue accents. This is a departure for the business as their traditional gasoline powered Vespas have steel bodies.

Electric vehicles were just a concept even a few years back. But now it is going mainstream. Many businesses, such as Honda, Toyota, Apple, Google, Audi, and Tesla are working to come out with their own electric cars and buses. California’s Proterra came out with electric buses in September.

There are new firms too like Faraday Future and Fisker Automotive that are developing these vehicles. But Piaggio (BIT:PIA) is the only business that will launch electric scooters. The Model 3 Sedan of Tesla has already received more than 10 million orders.