Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) recently announced that they will be closing down the “six second” video service Vine. The San Francisco-based social media site also disclosed that 9 percent of Vine’s workforce will be told to go. There are reports that Twitter is going to sack about 10 percent of Vine’s staff. This surprised many as in the third quarter, there has actually been an increase in Vine’s active user numbers.

But Twitter’s move was seen as their latest efforts to cut costs, as the business looks forward to offer live-streaming videos to see whether this can help them make a profit. Twitter has been making a loss for a long time.

The business was, in fact, trying to find a buyer to fund their video initiatives. Many, including Google, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Co.,, and Verizon, had shown interest initially, but eventually they all backed out.

PornHub Wants to Purchase Vine

PornHub, the pornography megasite has now made an offer to buy Vine from Twitter.

Apparently, they want to allow people to post porn videos on the platform. Corey Prince, the PornHub Vice President, said that six seconds should be enough for most people to enjoy themselves. However, they have assured Vine followers by saying that gems such as “Awkward Puppets”, “Damn Daniel” and such others will be retained.

PornHub has even issued a letter to Twitter which says, “We figure since Twitter has dropped (Vine) and is having significant layoffs, that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine”.

Some analysts are however saying that the PornHub offer is nothing but a joke, because the letter was eventually shared with CNET. There are pointing out that it wasn’t a serious offer after all.

Vine Founder Unhappy With the Vine Purchase Bid

Meanwhile, one of the founders of Vine has regretted Twitter’s decision to close down the service. Rus Yusupov, says that whatever happens to the service, it should never be sold to a porn site. “Don’t sell your company”, Rus says. Rus Yusupov left Vine in 2015.

Vine was launched in 2012 after an investment of $30 million. In the last four years, Vine has managed to build up an impressive fanbase, even though the growth of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has remained largely stalled. Many people who follow Vine have expressed their disappointment on Twitter at the closing down.