On Wednesday, Sprint Corp (NYSE:S), which is headquartered in Kansas, United States revealed that they will be partnering with Niantic Inc. Niantic is the firm that developed the famous Pokemon Go. The new initiative will try to pull Pokeman fans into the more than 10,500 of its stores located throughout the United States.

The deal is expected to start from December 12. But that is not the only deal regarding Pokemon. From tomorrow, all Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) stores are going to be transformed into Pokéstops as well.

Sprint Stores to Become Pokéstops or Pokémon Gyms

With this, Pokeman players will now be able to go to Sprint, Boost and Sprint at RadioShack locations for getting data, recharging their phones, battle with their favorite characters, and collect in-game items such as eggs and Poke balls. So all the Sprint stores are soon going to be transformed into pokéstops or pokémon gyms. It was also learned that this arrangement is going to work also in Boost Mobile locations, and Sprint at Radioshack stores.

Niantic Inc is based out of California and is headed by its CEO, John Hanke. Dennis Hwang is the art director. However, the Nintendo Co of Japan has a big stake in the business. Pokemon Go uses GPS mapping and augmented reality for the animated characters that appear in the real world.

The game has become a rage and a household name almost throughout the world.

The Move Serves Both Sprint and Pokeman Go Well

Sprint is already gearing up its own plans to make the players visit their stores. For instance, the free charging stations move is going to be loved by the players surely. Players can also stock up Razzberries and Pokeballs, essential items to catch Pokemon.

But the long-term plan of Sprint (NYSE:S) seems to be to make them interested in signing up for a new plan, as this is where their main revenues come from.

It’s going to be good for Pokemon Go as well. Though an extremely popular game, but there have been reports in recent months that its popularity is waning. They might be able to hold the interest and even increase it by spreading the game through more than 10,000 stores.

The market reacted positively to this news. The Sprint stock went up by 7 percent after the partnership announcement with the Pokemon Go developer was announced. It closed even higher at 8.94 percent up.