On Tuesday, the website of Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) went offline for a few hours causing a lot of problems for their customers. This happened around mid-morning on Tuesday. There was an error message on Southwest.com that read “Please do not refresh your browser. We will automatically transfer you to Southwest.com as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience”. The mobile-app of the airline crashed as well.

The airline company also tweeted, saying that they were facing problems in checking in. An assurance was also offered to customers, which said that Southwest is working to completely restore its online check-in systems. The Dallas-based carrier did not however, specify the exact issue that made its website go offline. No estimate was also provided about when the problem will be sorted.

Southwest Airlines Website Available Again, But Creates Confusion

The website is up once again, but not before there were a lot of complaints and confusions. A tweet was once again issued at 5:46 Eastern Time, which said, “We have reports of successful transactions and online check in”. However, according to reports many of the functionalities of the website are still not working. Southwest too has accepted this, saying there can be a few lingering issues. Could this be a break-in into the Southwest airline website? The company did not comment on this.

Five days before Christmas, this is the busiest time of the year, and Southwest (NYSE:LUV) is the fourth-biggest airline company in the United States and the world’s largest low-cost carrier. The business has more than 53,000 employees and revenue of 19.82 billion as of 2015. Gary C. Kelly, the CEO and President have been with Southwest Airlines since 1986.

Customers Phone-In, Complain on Social Media

There were many reports and comments on social media as the flyers were not able to use the website and its functionalities. Many of them even called up the carrier and were told that Southwest is aware of the problem and working hard to solve it quickly. One person complained that he was trying to change his return flight online, but was not able to do this. Another person said it would have been nice if the airline texted me mentioning the problem. “I kept trying, there was no response”, he says.

All their customers were reportedly affected by the issue. Five months back, as well, Southwest Airlines had to stop all their departures to solve an issue with their technology systems.