There seems to be no end to Twitter’s (NYSE:TWTR) troubles. The social networking service has been seeing falling user base and revenues in recent times, and wanted to find a new buyer. That didn’t work out. Initially, Disney, Google, Verizon (NYSE:VZ), Salesforce, and Microsoft were all interested, but they all backed out eventually.

Twitter then said they want to focus on video, and last week, announced the launch of LIVE 360 for those on Twitter and Periscope, though it will have limited reach at this time. But soon it was pointed out that there was no “edit” button in their 360 degree live video coverage. It turned out to be an embarrassing launch.

Twitter’s China Chief Resigns

Now, in the latest twist, the China chief of Twitter has decided to leave the company, after serving for just 7 months in the position. Kathy Chen was based out of Hong Kong and was the Managing Director of the region. Kathy announced her decision through a tweet that she wants to leave soon. Apparently, Kathy wants to take some time off “to recharge” before “more international business opportunities”.

The service is blocked in China. However, Twitter works with Chinese advertisers who want to reach out to a global audience. In the last couple of years, Twitter’s advertising base has grown by close to 400 percent in the country. However, the ad sales and support activities were recently shifted to the company’s base in Singapore, which could be the main reason why Kathy decided to quit.

Twitter says it was a part of a greater restructuring that is happening all over the world.

Kathy Had Links with China’s Security and Military

Kathy Chen was previously working at Microsoft and joined Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) in April 2016. Her joining was controversial too, as he has very little social media experience. On top of that, Kathy also has links with the security and military of China.

Some analysts feel Chen was brought in for using her connections with the security and military agencies of China to remove the country’s ban on the service. But that didn’t happen. But Twitter’s advertising revenues kept growing from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with her at the helm.

She is of course not the first person to have resigned recently. Adam Messinger the Chief Technology Officer, Adam Bain the COO, and Josh McFarland the Vice President of Product have all quit Twitter in the last few months.