The Chief Executive of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Mark Zuckerberg has written a massive 5,742-word letter, where he has penned his vision for the company, and expressed his concerns for the future. In the letter, Zuckerberg also talks about other issues including polarization of society, online safety, fake news, and how he believes artificial intelligence can help the functioning of Facebook.

The letter titled “Building Global Community” also highlights the need to build a global community and fight isolationism. He issues a warning saying the future may not be bright for people with views outside the government-approved mainstream.

Zuckerberg’s Vision of a Global Community

He says, “One of our greatest opportunities to keep people safe is building artificial intelligence to understand more quickly and accurately what is happening across our community”. He reiterates that keeping the global community safe should be an important mission. Zuckerberg even says that Facebook’s success should be measured by how efficiently they are able to do this, going forward.

From the way he has repeatedly used the word “safe” in the document (9 times), it seems Zuckerberg is worried about censorship. China, for instance, has always justified their firewall by saying they want to keep the online environment safe.

Emergency Responses

Zuckerberg is happy with how people are communicating in the network to reach out in an emergency. Facebook has already included tools like Amber Alerts to find and offer shelter, food, missing people, and other resources in emergencies. He wants the community to help during crisis and wars in the future.

Fake News

Zuckerberg feels “The two most discussed concerns this past year were about diversity of viewpoints we see (filter bubbles) and accuracy of information (fake news)”. He issues a warning saying we should avoid polarization and sensationalism as well. This, he says can “lead to a loss of common understanding”. The only way to fight this according to the Facebook boss is by making people more politically engaged.

Artificial Intelligence

The Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) CEO wants to use AI for automating Facebook’s functioning to minimize bias. “It’s worth noting that major advances in AI are required to understand text, photos, and videos to judge whether they contain hate speech, graphic violence, sexually explicit content, and more”. Facebook will begin to use AI in 2017, in some of the cases, but for others, it will take many more years.